Kennesaw State University Online History Teaching Modules

Photo of the KSU Teaching modules website for Weimar Germany

Kennesaw State University’s Museum for History and Holocaust Education created numerous Online History Teaching Modules related to German History; Holocaust History; Human Rights History; WWI; WWII; and other topics — all freely available to educators. Visit their site to see a list of available Individual Topic/Event Lessons or more elaborate Multi-Lesson Modules. Lessons include images and other primary sources as well as informative narratives, thinking and analytical questions, and potential assignments. Browse their site to see samples and then fill out the online request form for whichever ones you want to use. Titles include: “From Revolution to Empire: Germany 1848 to 1871”; or “German Nationalism and the Holocaust”; or “Weimar Germany” — and many more!

KSU Museum for History and Holocaust Education University Modules website

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