GETMAPP is a digital database of teaching materials for both K-12 and undergraduate German language teaching. German teachers can collaborate, communicate, and share their digital materials here. Best of all, no downloading to clog up your email or phone. GETMAPP is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG), the German Federal Foreign […]

<em>Ekstase und Elend</em>, a German Cultural History Reader and Website

Ekstase und Elend is a freely accessible, multimedia website designed for an intermediate-to-advanced German-language course on the cultural history of German-speaking Central Europe in the twentieth-century. Presenting an inclusive history including women’s history, LGBTQ+ history, Germans of Color, and other historically underrepresented groups, the website features an interactive, multimedia timeline and links to key primary […]


DigBib.Org offers a wide range of digitized German-language literary works. Some of the authors featured here are Lessing, Kafka, Schiller, Goethe, and others. All works are available as PDF documents and are provided as open access documents without copyright. View the site

Third-Year German: Wald, Wetter, Wandel

Johanna Schuster-CraigMichigan State University This upper-division German language and culture course analyzes the natural world and our often unnatural technologies that interfere with the ecological order. Intensive work with texts and films dealing with forests, gardens, plants, natural explorers, pollution and atomic disaster. Image: “in the forest” by Wim Vandenbussche is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA […]

Orte des Kolonialismus

Deutschlandfunk Kultur A 7.13 minute podcast from the broadcaster exploring different sites, cityspaces, and monuments in Germany dedicated to its colonial history. Engages with the problem of what to do with symbols of colonial violence in Germany. (Photo credit Deutschlandradio / Axel Schröder) Listen to the podcast here. (in German)

Eure Heimat ist unser Albtraum | Ideen bewegen

Studio36 podcast series, Berlin. Studio36 podcast series on contemporary perspectives in today’s Germany. In Episode #09 Die Journalist*innen Hengameh Yaghoobifarah und Fatma Aydemir lehnen den Begriff ‚Heimat‘ ab und lenken mit der Essay-Sammlung ‚Eure Heimat ist unser Albtraum‘ den Blick auf die verschiedenen Lebensrealitäten unserer interkulturellen, deutschen Gesellschaft. Listen to the podcast here (in German)

Deutsche Welle Deutsch Lernen Wide range of resources for teaching and learning German for adults and younger learners, ranging from online curricula for A.1-C.1 to telenovelas (“Nicos Weg”), journalistic articles, “langsam gesprochene Nachrichten” and interactive games and quizzes. Image Source: Image Sources:

Reimagine Belonging Reimagine Belonging is a collaborative project focusing on the US and Germany as countries of immigration. It provides teaching materials focusing on three thematic areas: Migration, Racism, and Identity and Belonging. Website includes extensive lesson plans, worksheets, a glossary, useful links, etc.

Bildkorrektur: Bilder gegen Bürgerängste


Bildkorrektur: Bilder gegen Bürgerängste This collection of drawings was put together by a consortium of concerned artists who wanted to address what they saw as society’s worst fears regarding migrants. Published in 2016, the artists hope to replace fear with knowledge. The creative team includes: Aike Arndt, Tim Dinter, FÖRM, Hamed Eshrat, Serafine Frey, Matthias […]

Grenzenlos Deutsch

Grenzenlos Deutsch is full-year curriculum that is intended as a no-cost alternative to current, more traditional textbooks in the field.