British Columbia and Canada Through Arriving Eyes

The University of British Columbia The website “British Columbia and Canada Through Arriving Eyes” is a collection of resources related to the arrival of German immigrants and their experiences living in British Columbia (including Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba). The project hosts a variety of resources, including a bibliography of primary and secondary sources, oral history […]

Austrian Heritage Archive

Verein GEDENKDIENST – Verein für historisch-politische Bildungsarbeit und internationalen Dialog, Wien The Austrian Heritage Archive (AHA) collects video and audio interviews with Jewish Austrian emigrés who fled to the USA or Palestine/Israel during the National Socialist period or immediately afterwards. The interviews are presented in their edited form and are accompanied by biographical documents and […]

Kulturlabor: Lectures and Roundtables of the Institute for Cultural Inquiry

Institute for Cultural Inquiry

Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin Founded in 2006 the ICI Berlin is an independent center for culture and research hosting a variety of public events on a wide range of topics (exploring the productive confrontation of diverse cultures) in different formats including lectures, performances, conferences, art events, and readings. Lecture and roundtable videos are accessible on […]

Podcast Series #Nachwort

Hamburgs postkoloniales Erbe

Universität Hamburg Podcast series #Nachwort focusing on connections between colonial legacies and power structures of the present. It is part of the project “Virtuelles Partizipationslabor zur (post-)kolonialen Erinnerungskultur in Hamburg” by the Universität Hamburg. The 6th podcast features an interview with political scientist and activist Joshua Kwesi Aikins on decolonizing Berlin’s cityscape. #6 Nachwort: Joshua Kwesi Aikins – Die Dekolonisierung des Stadtbildes: […]

The Poetry Project

Poetry Project

The Poetry Project, e.V., Berlin The Poetry Project is a four-language poetry project that supports writing groups comprised of youth people with and without refugee backgrounds throughout Germany. The poems are published in Farsi, Arabic, German, and English. Visit the site

Neue Deutsche Medienmacher

Neue deutsche Medienmacher

Neue Deutsche Medienmacher e.V, Berlin Neue Deutsche Medienmacher is an independent network of journalists with and without a migration background. The network includes freelance and full-time journalists, photographers, videographers, and authors in print, online, TV, and radio from throughout Germany. It sees itself as an organization that supports those in the industry with a migration […]

Alphabet des Ankommens

Alphabet des Ankommens

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Bonn This project by the Federal Office of Political Education in Bonn combines journalistic reporting with comics related to the them of migration. The site asks “What does it mean to leave everything behind and come to a new country?” Journalists and artists from ten different countries collaborate to provide different […]

Weiter Schreiben. Jetzt: Ein Portal für Literatur aus Kriegs- und Krisengebieten

Weiter Schreiben. Jetzt.

wearedoingit e.V, Berlin The state-funded and award-winning project Weiter Schreiben, launched in 2017, provides a platform for artistic creativity and continuity for writers in refuge. On the project’s website texts by participating writers and related projects – including the Weiter Schreiben Magazin and (W)Ortwechelsn –  are published (in visual and audio format). Visit the site

Migrants Moving History: Narratives of Diversity in Europe

Migrants Moving History

Migration Network, Berlin This project provides a wide range of interviews with twelve leading European artists who immigrated to nine different European cities. Each interview focuses on questions of immigration, history, and identity. The interviews took place in 2008. Visit the site