Queer as German Folk

Gay as German Folk

Schwules Museum, Berlin and the Goethe Institute, New York On the night of June 27th 1969, police stormed into New York’s Stonewall Inn once again. But on this occasion, it was one time too many: Stonewall’s queer patrons defended themselves against routine harassment. Decades of pent up anger then erupted in a days-long uprising on […]


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Negotiating notions of transvestitism between Germany and Japan in the early 20th century

In this podcast for the Goldsmiths MA in LGBTQ History, Dr. Rainer Herrn explores the global dimensions of sexology’s history, this talk focuses on Magnus Hirschfeld’s interpretation of the onnagata, male actors who played female parts in Japanese Kabuki theatre. Which role did the onnagata play within the emerging sexual category of the transvestite? How […]