Netzwerk 3te Generation Ost

Netzwerk 3th Generation Ost / Adriana Lettrari, Berlin The “3rd Generation East” is a network of all those who were born in the GDR between 1975 and 1985 and who actively play their role in shaping society. The network tries to discover, describe and actively promote the associated competencies. The website introduces recent activities such […]

Neue Deutsche Medienmacher

Neue deutsche Medienmacher

Neue Deutsche Medienmacher e.V, Berlin Neue Deutsche Medienmacher is an independent network of journalists with and without a migration background. The network includes freelance and full-time journalists, photographers, videographers, and authors in print, online, TV, and radio from throughout Germany. It sees itself as an organization that supports those in the industry with a migration […]

Bildkorrektur: Bilder gegen Bürgerängste


Bildkorrektur: Bilder gegen Bürgerängste This collection of drawings was put together by a consortium of concerned artists who wanted to address what they saw as society’s worst fears regarding migrants. Published in 2016, the artists hope to replace fear with knowledge. The creative team includes: Aike Arndt, Tim Dinter, FÖRM, Hamed Eshrat, Serafine Frey, Matthias […]

Alphabet des Ankommens

Alphabet des Ankommens

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Bonn This project by the Federal Office of Political Education in Bonn combines journalistic reporting with comics related to the them of migration. The site asks “What does it mean to leave everything behind and come to a new country?” Journalists and artists from ten different countries collaborate to provide different […]

Comics by Tuffix


Soufeina Hamed, Berlin Soufeina Hamed is a Tunisian born artist and psychologist who grew up and lives in Berlin. Her website offers dozens of comics covering topics such as everyday life, identity, politics, religion, travel, and more. Related to her website, this Deutsche Welle video can supplement or complement a discussion of her comic art […]

Migrants Moving History: Narratives of Diversity in Europe

Migrants Moving History

Migration Network, Berlin This project provides a wide range of interviews with twelve leading European artists who immigrated to nine different European cities. Each interview focuses on questions of immigration, history, and identity. The interviews took place in 2008. Visit the site