New Fascism Syllabus

Screenshot_2020-11-02 The New Fascism Syllabus(1)

The New Fascism Syllabus is “a crowd-sourced collection of writings on the history of fascist, authoritarian, and populist movements and governments during the 20th and 21st centuries. It is intended to serve as a popular entryway into the scholarly literature” and provides “comparative perspectives on how everyday people, as well as cultural authorities and civil institutions, coped with and in some cases resisted these changes.” The site includes writings on various historical examples of right-wing authoritarianism (“Interrogating the Past”); writings on the resurgence of fascism, populism, and authoritarianism in today’s world (“Interrogating the Present”); digitized primary source collections; sample syllabi; and a blog.

Visit the the New Fascism Syllabus website. Follow the New Fascism Syllabus on Twitter.

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