Citizenship, Violence and Race: Germans and Africans in Colonial and Postcolonial Encounters


Robbie Aitken
Sheffield Hallam University

This course is aimed at advanced level undergraduate students. It makes use of a wide variety of primary materials to examine a history of interactions between Africans and Germans and the consequences of this interaction. Students will be introduced to aspects of post-colonial theory, constructions of blackness and race, and debates about the nature of German colonialism. At the same time they will learn about the challenges faced by Black Germans and African migrants, past and present, in creating a place for themselves in German society as well as how the presence of an African Diaspora in Germany has called into question constructions of Germanness.

Image source: By Bundesarchiv, Bild 105-DOA6369 / Walther Dobbertin / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

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