Teaching “German” Film in the 21st Century: Critical Media Literacy

September 17, 2020 Most programs in German Studies or German Language offer some form of “German” survey film courses, often taught in English and with high enrollments. These courses often reinforce a limited understanding of what “counts” as German film production and ignore the transnational realities of filmmakers, film production, and film theory. Occasionally theory […]

Towards an Atlas of German Studies

September 8, 2020 My interest in maps goes a long way back. But its most recent incarnation happened more than a decade ago when I realized I didn’t understand a map: ironically the first accurate map of Germany, the “Romeway Map” of Erhard Etzlaub, published in 1500. I didn’t understand its southern orientation—but that was […]

“Not typical news for Wyoming”: A Digital History Project for the COVID-19 Era

August 28, 2020 The global pandemic has placed considerable demands on faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. Among the most challenging issues are of a curricular and pedagogical nature. From lecturers with extensive instructional experience to those at the start of their careers, we all face steep limitations on what many of us love most about […]

Why We Need a Teaching Collaboratory

August 19, 2020 The demands on college professors for curricular development are extreme. Having held positions at both a small liberal arts college with a unique instructional plan, as well as a large state university where we have multiple faculty in German Studies who can divide labor, what is clear to me is that university […]

Emergency Teaching and the Power of Networks

August 11, 2020 How do we deal with an emergency?  We rely on our networks — family, friends, and neighbors — to see us through.  The same, it turns out, is true in academic life.  What I didn’t understand until this spring and summer is that our professional networks expand when we engage them during […]

Wir sind dabei!

August 1, 2020 Over the course of the summer, for a couple of hours every Friday afternoon, we came together as a team via Zoom to plan and plot out the Collaboratory. There were many questions. What should it do? Who is our audience? How can we address our disciplinary differences and represent the field […]