Mr Wissen2go Geschichte

ZDF/Terra X und funk This YouTube channel features a wide variety of short video talks in German about topics in (German) history. They are aimed at German-speaking secondary students and quite useful for North American German-language courses (secondary or post-secondary) with students at roughly the B2 level. MrWissen2go Geschichte wird produziert von ZDF/Terra X und […]

NDR Retro Filme

NDR TV Archive An online compendium of short news segments and documentaries from the television archive. View films here.


GERMANIA wird produziert von funk. funk ist ein Gemeinschaftsangebot der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD) und des Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehens (ZDF) GERMANIA zeichnet ein aktuelles Portrait von Deutschland und fragt: Was ist deutsche Identität? Menschen, die in Deutschland leben, sprechen über ihr Identitätsgefühl, ihre Wurzeln, Orte und Regionen, die sie geprägt haben und […]

Reunification Revisited

Goethe Institut Thirty years after German reunification put an end to the 1949 division of Germany into East and West, the questions remain:  How did people in both socialist East Germany and capitalist West Germany think about organizing their societies? What was important to them, and what didn’t work out as planned? What can we learn […]

The German Obsession with Native North Americans

In “Searching For Winnetou,” Ojibway author and humourist Drew Hayden Taylor is on a quest to understand the roots of the German obsession with Native North Americans. View the documentary here.

Es ist auch meine Geschichte – Stadtteilmütter auf den Spuren des Nationalsozialismus

Julia Oelkers, Director / Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste Documentary on the Stadtteilmütter Project available on YouTube in three parts. Over a period of three months film maker Julia Oelkers accompanied three Stadtteilmüttter from Kreuzberg and Neukölln. This film focuses on their engagement with Germany’s National Socialist past, and its relationship to their past and present. More information about […]

Migrants Moving History: Narratives of Diversity in Europe

Migrants Moving History

Migration Network, Berlin This project provides a wide range of interviews with twelve leading European artists who immigrated to nine different European cities. Each interview focuses on questions of immigration, history, and identity. The interviews took place in 2008. Visit the site

Deutsche Welle Documentary

DW Documentary assembles together high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Explore the world around you with DW Documentary

Caring Corrupted: the Killing Nurses of the Third Reich

The Cizik School of Nursing at the University of Texas has created a REMI Platinum Award-winning 56.07 min documentary film that tells the grim cautionary tale of nurses who participated in the Holocaust and abandoned their professional ethics during the Nazi era. The 56-minute film, Caring Corrupted: the Killing Nurses of the Third Reich, casts […]