Being German and Jewish: Living in Hope in Uncertain Times

Screenshot_2020-07-27 Being German and Jewish Living in hope in uncertain times - Centre for Holocaust Education

Centre for Holocaust Education

“Being German and Jewish: living in hope in uncertain times” has been designed to be taught online as a sequence of five 30 minute lessons via an online platform. The five lessons are intended for Year 9 students learning about the Holocaust.

With the city of Plauen as a case study, students explore how Jewish and non-Jewish people lived alongside one another before the Second World War. At the centre of the investigation is the opening of a new synagogue and community building in 1930. Thinking about how community buildings are a physical manifestation of community values and an expression of community relations, students explore the changing relations in Plauen over time. What then, might the destruction during the 1938 November Pogrom (Kristallnacht) of the synagogue and communal building, built only eight years earlier, say about the changing Jewish and non-Jewish community relations in Plauen?

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