EuropeNow Syllabus Database

A wide-ranging, interdisciplinary collection of syllabi on European topics hosted by EuropeNow, an online journal published by the Council of European Studies (CES). Link: EuropeNow Syllabus Database Image source: Public Domain,

Third-Year German: Wald, Wetter, Wandel

Johanna Schuster-CraigMichigan State University This upper-division German language and culture course analyzes the natural world and our often unnatural technologies that interfere with the ecological order. Intensive work with texts and films dealing with forests, gardens, plants, natural explorers, pollution and atomic disaster. Image: “in the forest” by Wim Vandenbussche is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA […]

“Not typical news for Wyoming”: A Digital History Project for the COVID-19 Era

August 28, 2020 The global pandemic has placed considerable demands on faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. Among the most challenging issues are of a curricular and pedagogical nature. From lecturers with extensive instructional experience to those at the start of their careers, we all face steep limitations on what many of us love most about […]

Asian-German Studies (German Quarterly subscription required)

Need help diversifying your German Studies course? This German Quarterly Discussion Forum (Winter, 2020) features ten scholars discussing the evolution, current state, and future of the interdisciplinary field of Asian-German Studies (access requires GQ subscription) Permalink:

Migration Studies (German Quarterly subscription required)

Need help diversifying your German Studies course? This German Quarterly Discussion Forum (Spring, 2017) features ten scholarly perspectives on how Migration Studies has impacted scholarship in German-speaking contexts. (access requires GQ subscription) Permalink:

Deutsche Welle Deutsch Lernen Wide range of resources for teaching and learning German for adults and younger learners, ranging from online curricula for A.1-C.1 to telenovelas (“Nicos Weg”), journalistic articles, “langsam gesprochene Nachrichten” and interactive games and quizzes. Image Source: Image Sources:

UCL Holocaust Education Centre: Lesson Plans and Learning Resources

Holocaust Lesson Plans and Learning Resources – UCL Holocaust Education Centre Project of the Centre for Holocaust Education at UCL (University College London). Includes classroom and online materials as well as resources for subject knowledge and pedagogical guidance. Designed for secondary schools but materials are useful for higher ed as well. Image: UCL Holocaust […]

Reimagine Belonging Reimagine Belonging is a collaborative project focusing on the US and Germany as countries of immigration. It provides teaching materials focusing on three thematic areas: Migration, Racism, and Identity and Belonging. Website includes extensive lesson plans, worksheets, a glossary, useful links, etc.

Diversity, Decolonization, and the German Curriculum

Diversity, Decolonization, and the German Curriculum (DDGC) is a forum that brings together scholars and practitioners at all stages in their career from North American and international institutions in order to answer questions about the place of diversity and decolonization in German Studies.