W.E.B Du Bois on Germany

Spotify In this recording, we hear celebrated black intellectual W.E.B Du Bois speak to his experience in Germany, as a student at the Berlin University and lifelong Germanophile. Listen to the podcast here.

Hörspiele and Features

Deutschlandfunk Site features a variety of original German-language Hörspiele and audio feature recordings ranging from contemporary themes to adaptations of literary classics. There’s a Krimi channel as well as Kinderhörspiele and specific podcasts available for subscription. Listen to radio plays here

Mr Wissen2go Geschichte

ZDF/Terra X und funk This YouTube channel features a wide variety of short video talks in German about topics in (German) history. They are aimed at German-speaking secondary students and quite useful for North American German-language courses (secondary or post-secondary) with students at roughly the B2 level. MrWissen2go Geschichte wird produziert von ZDF/Terra X und […]

Sport in Divided Germany

History and Public Policy Program, Woodrow Wilson Centre, Washington DC The occupation and division of Germany following WWII created huge disruptions in the country’s sport culture. Athletes were considered “diplomats in a tracksuit” and their victories and defeats highly politicized. Dr. Jutta Braun speaks about the lengths the East German regime went to in order […]

Virtual Transatlantic Town Halls

American Council on Germany, Wunderbar Together The [Virtual]Transatlantic Town Halls: German-American Mayors Forum are hour-long conversations, each with one German mayor and one U.S. mayor, providing the mayors with an opportunity to discuss how their cities have adapted due to the pandemic and how their communities are rethinking plans for the future based on both new challenges and […]

Footnoting History: Love, Parachutes and Kätchen Paulus

An episode of the Footnoting History podcast dealing with Käthchen Paulus, who made parachutes during WWI. Could be used in connection with women’s history, history of technology, or history of the First World War. View the film here.

Priscilla Layne on Afrofuturism

Institute of Art and Humanities, University of North Caroline, Chapel Hill Associate Professor Priscilla Layne talks about her latest research on Afro-German Afrofuturism in literature and theater. Watch the talk here.

NDR Retro Filme

NDR TV Archive An online compendium of short news segments and documentaries from the television archive. View films here.


GERMANIA wird produziert von funk. funk ist ein Gemeinschaftsangebot der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD) und des Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehens (ZDF) GERMANIA zeichnet ein aktuelles Portrait von Deutschland und fragt: Was ist deutsche Identität? Menschen, die in Deutschland leben, sprechen über ihr Identitätsgefühl, ihre Wurzeln, Orte und Regionen, die sie geprägt haben und […]

Goldstaub Rohrpost

Wir sind ELSE EDELSTAHL, Veranstalterin der Bohème Sauvage und ARNE KRASTING, Historiker und Gründer von ZeitReisen. ​Wir teilen eine große Leidenschaft: DIE ZWANZIGER JAHRE – die Zeit der Weimarer Republik – in all ihren Facetten, in all ihren Irren und Wirren. Listen to the podcasts here.